Dienstag, 18. Januar 2011

Now I know that I'm biased, but I do believe that we created quite a pretty baby here :). This is from today, after we had a great bath time. She loved it and I think I finally got the water temperature right (as she didn't scream... haha). First 4 days of work have been okay, although I felt like a Zombie at times due to lack of sleep. I just miss her very, very much and my work makes it harder, as soooo many people come in with their babies. So I get to see all these cute little babies all shift long and can't have mine with me. Hmpf! She's a great baby though and the lack of sleep is really not because of her, as she sleeps just fine, but because I have to get up to express every couple of hours to keep my milk supply up and stay away from the formula (and save money). Would be so convenient, but I'm determined to take the harder path as long as possible to give her the best start.

Well, off to work it is again... money, money, money!

Nun weiss ich ja, dass ich ein wenig voreingenommen bin, aber ich glaube schon, dass wir da ein ganz huebsches Baby kreiert haben. :) Die Bilder sind von heute, nachdem wir eine tolle Badezeit hatten. Sie hat es geliebt und ich glaube, ich habe endlich die richtige Wassertemperatur gefunden (da sie nicht geschrien hat... haha). Die ersten 4 Tage Arbeit waren okay, auch wenn ich mich teils wie ein Zombie gefuehlt habe aufgrund des Schlafmangels. Ich vermisse die Kurze nur ganz arg und meine Arbeit macht es einiges schwieriger, da so viele Kunden mit ihren Babies kommen. Somit sehe ich also die ganze Schicht lang all diese suessen Babies und kann meins nicht bei mir haben. Hmpf! Sie ist aber ein super Baby und der Schlafmangel ist nicht durch sie ausgeloest. Sie schlaeft echt gut, aber ich muss alle paar Stunden aufstehen um abzupumpen, damit die Quelle nicht versiegt ;) und ich nicht dem Milchpulver klein beigebe (und Geld spare). So bequem wie das auch waere, ich bin fest entschlossen den haerteren Weg so lang wie moeglich zu gehen um ihr den besten Start zu geben.

Jetzt wieder auf zur Arbeit... Geld, Geld, Geld!

Donnerstag, 13. Januar 2011

Happy 3 weeks Elaine!

3 weeks old she is already... And mommy's gotta go back to work tomorrow. Boooo! But I have to do what I have to do :-/

Here's my cutie yesterday, rocking her pink suit and weighing 9 lbs 15 oz already!

Sonntag, 9. Januar 2011

Only state without snow!

It is official! Although it was slightly chilly this morning again in South Florida, all of Florida is the only state without snow in the entire USA today. Even Hawaii has snow on its mountain tops. Brrr!

Being able to follow friend's snow fun on Facebook, I got a good picture of what it looks like in many other states. Especially Alabama has impressed me. The latest snow system from Sunday night/Monday brought over a foot of new snow to the counties were I spent my high school exchange student year. In the 8 years I've been in close contact with people in that area, I haven't heard or seen more than a couple of snow flakes and even my former host family being in their late 50's/early 60's said they have never seen snow like that in Northern Alabama. Needless to say, schools have been out all week up there and people didn't go to work for days, as pretty much no one knows how to drive in snow and does not trust their cars and tires (good thing!).

This is a picture of the local grocery store's empty bread aisle in Rogersville, AL from Sunday, taken by a friend of mine. Stores were pretty much sold out. Even Walmart was apparently very, very empty.

Rogersville, AL, Foodland 01/09/11

I would actually trade in a day of sun fun for snow fun, but since ONE DAY is usually not an option other than when on holidays, I rather stay down here. It's official by the way, that it's going to be at least another year here in SoFlo for me!

Oooooh, and by the way, since I've been quite busy with other things (being a mommy that is!):

A BELATED VERY HAPPY AND HEALTHY NEW YEAR TO ALL OF YOU! May you be able to fulfill your resolutions and enjoy 2011! One resolution that was NOT on my list this year: weight loss! I'm 13 lbs lighter than pre-pregnancy and I think more will shed since I start working again tomorrow, so nothing to worry about! :)