Sonntag, 31. Januar 2010

12 hours...

... and we'll get the keys!!! Waaaaah!!! :)))

1st month rent free is the best thing... plus the vaulted ceilings of course... and the roman bath tub and and and... :)

As you can tell, I am very excited to finally have my own 4 walls again after 20 months without them. It is the best present I can give myself for my 1 year anniversary in the States which will be approaching in 3 weeks. And it gets even better when I have somebody moving in with me that I care about a lot.

Today we started looking around for things (furniture and other stuff) and went to IKEA. I am one of the few people that hates that place, BUT still we got some things from there, like a proper duvet with changeable covers, kitchen utensils and we will definitely get our bed from there as well and IT IS NOT going to have a box spring. Ha! :)

I was able to find somebody cover half of my shift at work tomorrow, so I'll get out after lunch. My plan for after: Cross the street and enter the local Home Depot to buy a PLANT! If anybody knows the movie "The Professional" (Leon der Profi) - that is me! I need to have a plant around me. Something else that is alive apart from some human beings. I had one when I was working for Lidl in Germany and traveled from hotel to hotel with it, but had to abandon it in the last hotel when I got fired. I know that it sounds crazy, but I always hoped that somebody took care of my plant after. ;) Anyways, I didn't have a real plant around for a year now, so I'm all happy to get one.

Going to the apartment afterwards and starting the move. I have 21 days left in my old place, but we plan on spending the night in the new place tomorrow already and I have nothing holding me back to move out as fast as possible.

It's going to be fun!!!

By the way, I love the pictures from you guys up in Northern Germany with all that snooooow!!! :)

Donnerstag, 28. Januar 2010

Time for change...

... but for nothing else!

Oh, shame on me for not posting for sooo long. I started writing about my Europe trip offline one day, but it got longer and longer and then turbulences came along the way which made me focus on other things and also my late evenings that used to be free time, were all of a sudden filled... ;)

So, 1st: The big Taaaadaaaaa...

Jenny's got a boyfriend! Real American originally from Reno, Nevada, in SoFlo for 2 years already. To the surprise of many he is my age (24) and 2 inches shorter. Hahaha! But such a cutie :). His name is Andrew by the way.

He's the best thing that happened to me in a long time. I got flowers sent to my workplace for example and on a bad day he just came by the restaurant with a huge teddy bear on the passenger seat of his car which was holding chocolate... Last Saturday he then showed up all dressed up in black with a white tie (sooo handsome!) and rose coloured roses in his hands. My customers started clapping! :)

Now from all you Americans... let's hear a big AAAAAWWWWW!!! ;)

The 2nd big Tadaaaaa...

Andrew and I are moving together! Yes, that's quite quick, but so cool! My roommate gave me some trouble after Andrew spent the night over here once. He wanted to forbid me any more overnight visits and gave me huge drama. Andrew is the 1st person I ever brought to this place since I live here, I pay a good amount of rent and my roommate's girlfriend sleeps over a lot, but I shouldn't do the same!??? That's some big BS right there. Anyways, it added up to the other things that I was getting tired off and I looked at apartments, found MINE yesterday and signed the Lease today. Yeeeehaw!

I'll be getting the keys on Monday and since we met in Hollywood, FL, we are going to move to Hollywood, FL - which is like right around the corner from where I live now. Gated community overlooking a golf course. It's a pretty spacious 2/1 with high-higher-highest ceilings. I'm sooo excited to have my - our own place over here in the USA!

And more information: Work has been a mess! One Up and Down since returning from the XMAS vacation, which made me question where I stand. I don't want to get into detail, but it's been CRAZY. We still love each other though! Anyhow, now that I'm not living my life over here so lonely anymore, I work too many (or too stupid) hours and it's time for a change of my job situation. My last day at Toss Up will be the 13th of next month and I'll volunteer for them at an event on the 14th again and then I'm outta there! Let's see where the road takes me. I'm very optimistic about this change!

Well, I hope that explains where I've been for the last couple of weeks. I'm still alive and well. Next month I'll be busy moving in, so no worries if it takes longer again until you hear from me.

Thanks to all you guys that still read my blog!!! :)