Sonntag, 31. Januar 2010

12 hours...

... and we'll get the keys!!! Waaaaah!!! :)))

1st month rent free is the best thing... plus the vaulted ceilings of course... and the roman bath tub and and and... :)

As you can tell, I am very excited to finally have my own 4 walls again after 20 months without them. It is the best present I can give myself for my 1 year anniversary in the States which will be approaching in 3 weeks. And it gets even better when I have somebody moving in with me that I care about a lot.

Today we started looking around for things (furniture and other stuff) and went to IKEA. I am one of the few people that hates that place, BUT still we got some things from there, like a proper duvet with changeable covers, kitchen utensils and we will definitely get our bed from there as well and IT IS NOT going to have a box spring. Ha! :)

I was able to find somebody cover half of my shift at work tomorrow, so I'll get out after lunch. My plan for after: Cross the street and enter the local Home Depot to buy a PLANT! If anybody knows the movie "The Professional" (Leon der Profi) - that is me! I need to have a plant around me. Something else that is alive apart from some human beings. I had one when I was working for Lidl in Germany and traveled from hotel to hotel with it, but had to abandon it in the last hotel when I got fired. I know that it sounds crazy, but I always hoped that somebody took care of my plant after. ;) Anyways, I didn't have a real plant around for a year now, so I'm all happy to get one.

Going to the apartment afterwards and starting the move. I have 21 days left in my old place, but we plan on spending the night in the new place tomorrow already and I have nothing holding me back to move out as fast as possible.

It's going to be fun!!!

By the way, I love the pictures from you guys up in Northern Germany with all that snooooow!!! :)

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