Sonntag, 7. Februar 2010

Superbowl in Miami & 1st week in Hollywood

We just came back from a great Superbowl party in Fort Lauderdale with about 20 great Americans that we didn't know before. My German friend Tanja and her American husband Ben took us with them and we had a blast.... and waaaaay too much food!!! :)

The team that we were for won! GOOOO SAINTS! I actually looked forward to the Superbowl since everybody had told me about the commercials the big companies create especially for this event, but I have to say that only a few of them were actually good. Some were just really dumb!

We've also been a week in our new apartment today. This place is freakin' awesome!!! I made a good choice. After sleeping in the floor for two nights we also got a bed... king size and European... from IKEA... That's all the furniture we've got so far though which still leaves a lot of space in this place. Oh yes, and I got a plant!!! I picked a Jasmin, as I love it when it blooms.

AND: Andrew and I drove to the animal shelter in Pompano Beach today and I adopted a cat! It was heartbreaking to see these kitties in the small cages they were in and all of them started meowing and purring and tried to get our attention, but in the end we had to decide on one. I took the adoption card from a cage with a completely black male cat in it and when I took it off the door, he wanted to play with my fingers. Very cute one, a little quieter than some of the others though.

The bad thing is that MY cat has to sleep in the shelter for another 3 nights. :( My adoption went through, I had to pay a deposit, but they basically will get him "ready" by Wednesday. Probably some final check ups and bureaucracy. I'm sooo looking forward to get him out of there and have an addition to our small German/American family :)

So far, the new year is still going great. I'll post some pictures soon!

Now good night! New work week ahead!

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  1. Da startet ihr wie wir! Appartment und Ikea- zugegeben - Couch, denn unser Bett haben wir ja mit uns geschippert! Was braucht es mehr? Und in zwei Tagen schnurren 2 um Dich rum! You deserve all this after your journey in the past! God bless you! Hugs carmen
    PS: The Who performed great, what a show!