Montag, 13. September 2010

SoFlo Time-Out!

After 6 months (well, 5 months and 29 days) of working 5-6 days a week despite being pregnant and all the other circumstances and not taking any time off, I think I more than deserve a little time out. :) And it is finally here! I'm leaving the two furballs alone at home for a couple of days and will jump on an airplane in the morning! I already miss my two babies and I don't know how I will cope without them, but I know Tanja, my German friend, will be taking good care of them, so I shouldn't be worried.

I'm not going anywhere exotic this time (I wish!), but to my regular inside-USA time-out spot ;). You guys can't believe how ready I am to leave South Florida and all that comes with it behind for some days.

I'm all ready for this feeling......



  1. Wohin willst Du denn ziehn wenn Du aus FL weg willst? Gehst nach AL?

  2. Hoffe, es geht Dir gut?! Habe heute wieder hier vorbei geschaut, aber scheinbar hast Du derzeit keine Zeit zum bloggen. Ich wünsche Dir alles Liebe!

  3. Die Zeit rast momentan. Vielen Dank fuers Vorbei Schauen und Treue halten ;)