Dienstag, 24. November 2009

Turkey Time...

... but not for me!!!


Tomorrow afternoon I'm flying out of Miami to Curacao. Boss gave me also off tomorrow, so I'll be without my Toss Up family for 5 days - the longest we'll ever be apart since it all started. That feels a little weird since we are a lovely team, but I'm so ready for a good, peaceful Jenny-time. My first real vacation since July 2008 when I was on Gran Canary.

I had some awesome weekends lately, met very, very interesting people, so I'm really hoping this short trip will add to this highlife. Other than that I've got some quite unexpected news from Germany last week, which may mean that I'll be headed over there in 3 weeks... See, I told you... unexpected! :)

Anyways, world get ready for me, because I am!

9 months in the USA!!!
Let's get some Caribbean atmosphere in here... and yes, I'm dancing right now. With my laptop in my hands. And smiling... what else!?

HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL OF YOU! Have great times with friends, family or while traveling. Be safe and all of you in the States: think of me when you rush into the stores on Black Friday (or buy me something... ;) )

Peace out!


  1. Happy Thanksgiving for you too! Have a great time on the island :)
    Take care!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!

    Enjoy your vacation and have a really great time on the island....


  3. Hallo :) Darf ich dich mal was blödes Fragen? :D wenn du die GC hast, da muss man ja nach dem Gewinn beim Interview eine US Adresse angeben, wohin die Visa geschickt werden sollen. Wie hattest du das denn gelöst, geht das mit einer pob? Ich hab leider keine Familie oder Freunde drüben, deren Adresse ich verwenden könnte... Sorry für das off topic!