Dienstag, 13. Oktober 2009

Housing... why not at the beach!?

Deutsche Version folgt! Bitte gedulden, muss zur Arbeit :)

Looks like I'm a little busy, since you hardly hear from me. It is mainly due to me being on a 7days/week workout schedule, so every day in my spare time I'm hitting the gym, beach, road... I finally got myself into AM workouts. Never thought that this would be possible, but I'm really getting myself out of bed every morning for this purpose! Makes me proud :) I've also done a lot of progress in my 5K (3.1 miles) training. Saturday I ran 2.7 miles outdoors. If I would have known up to where the 3.1 miles go, I would've run them. Now I know, so I'll run them probably by tomorrow and achieve my goal!

I had a couple of people asking me why I'm now considering moving into my own place. Well, lots of reasons... 1st of all, I have lived by myself before. Never completely alone due to boyfriend, husband, housemates in England etc., but I had my name in a lease agreement and it felt like the 4 walls were my home. Here I feel like I'm in Javier's home. I don't get to move as freely as I would want to. My bathroom, laundry, kitchen, living room are all outside of my room, so whenever I need something, I have to make sure I'm properly dressed. That is starting to get on my nerves.

Also, ever since Javier started his Master program, he works a lot from home. So he's always there which in the ends also means that my utility bill goes up as we split costs in half but I don't need an AC running during the day when I'm at work... He also has a girlfriend now, which doesn't really bother me, if it wouldn't be for the fact that we, in the beginning, had agreed to always ask the other roomie if some guests could come over, but that was not done. A couple of weeks ago I come home from work, quite exhausted, open the door of the apartment and there sits a girl I'd never seen before! She also sleeps over a couple of nights a week and since they get up earlier in the morning than me and talk to each other and we all know that US walls are kinda thin, I get woken up sometimes... I guess you get the point, it's not about the girl, I guess she's quite lovely, but I want MY OWN 4 WALLS where only I determine what to do and what not :)

Plus, I'm having big thoughts about getting me a furry friend! Here in the apartment I find myself talking to a lizard that I named Willy and that has been around for quite some time now... It wouldn't be as bizarre if Willy would be a cat, correct!? ;)

By the way, I finally made a picture from where I live now:

Oh yes and here another reason for moving: Although the apartment complex is pretty nice, the neighborhood is just not the best and I had to experience scenes like that twice in the last couple of weeks and I don't like it too much when 8 cop cars, 2 sheriffs and a SWAT truck arrive and 6 people are arrested....

Well, the apartment hunt is on! Wish me luck!

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