Montag, 15. Februar 2010

Kitty Cat :-)

On Wednesday it was time for my kitty to come home!!!

So here he is... the 3rd member of our household: SMOKEY

He is a lot smaller than I had figured from seeing him crouched together in his cage, but the cutest cat ever! We share the same birthday. He was born on Nov. 9th, 2008, so on my 23rd birthday. He's been adopted once before from the shelter, but the people brought him back after 3 months. I don't know why, but he surely has a great home now!

He's possibly the most affectionate cat I ever had. He always follows us around, cuddles up to us, purrs all the time etc.. Yesterday he discovered his cat-bed (and actually slept in it) and also that sleeping on top of OUR bed is possible. The days before, he always slept underneath our bed. Well, I can already see that he likes it on top A LOT better!

Smokey is also regaining the regular cat behavior. The first couple of days he was pretty calm in the mornings.... oh well, that changed quickly! This morning he came running in the bedroom and jumped straight up on top of the bed and of course, on top of me. And then he jumped and he jumped and he jumped.... All you cat owners know how that goes, don't you!? :)

I guess the thing he loves the most right now is us not having a lot of furniture (although we finally got a dinner table & chairs & a TV yesterday). It just gives him soooo much room to play and run around like a crazy something.

Anyhow, very lovable pet!


  1. Soooooooooooooooo ein Suesser! Ich kenn das nur all zu gut von meinen beiden Tigern! Die sind auch so drauf ^^ Alles Gute Euch Dreien! :)

  2. Da schnurren also nun zwei Kater um Dich rum...Recht hast Du, geniess Dein Leben.
    So, Du wirst in Zukunft noch mehr Kommentatoren mit suessen Kater-Fotos locken, Tanja hat da Hunde-Foto Vorsprung.
    Was legen wir uns denn zu?...;)
    Viel Glueck mit dem Katerchen!
    Gruessle Carmen