Montag, 15. Februar 2010

Tax Return 2010 - My 1st one in the States

A must for every greencard holder is filing the annual tax return in the USA. I thought it would be a lot more complicated and a lot more paper war, but granted, I'm pretty young, don't own real estate, a business or whatsoever and that makes things a lot easier!

I received my W2, which is the income form from one's employer(s), in Mid-January and I wanted to get "it" out of the way as quick as possible. Through various TV and internet ads, I knew which companies are out there to do the return for me or help with advice, but since I didn't have much to declare or deduct, I decided to go through the IRS website and use a free tax return online service. I ended up doing mine with Turbo Tax. It took me about 15 minutes to go through everything, it was free and the website told me right away how high my return is going to be and when I would receive it from the IRS.

2 weeks later my 1st American tax refund was deposited into my account. Yeeehaw!


  1. Hey Ho! We use Turbo Tax since we have to do our American Taxes ;) It worked out pretty well for us! It's awesome how quick they are by sending the tax it ;)

  2. Hm, wir haben uns vertrauensvoll an HR block gewandt. Zumal wir seit 2005 Greencard holder sind und noch nie 'ne Income tax gemacht haben (was wohl falsch war.
    ist das nicht irre, dass man 2-3 Wochen nach der Unterschrift schon sein geld bekommt, sofern man was bekommt? In Germany pruckeln wir noch an 2008 rum....gaehn!
    Freuen uns fuer Dich Jenny! Keep it going! Busserl Carmen&Bernhard